在平时的学习、工作或生活中,大家都经常看到作文的身影吧,作文是人们以书面形式表情达意的言语活动。那么一般作文是怎么写的呢?为大家精心整理了my hobbies的高一英语作文优秀9篇,希望大家可以喜欢并分享出去。

我的爱好My hobbies英语作文 篇一

Everyone has their own habit. I have some living habits. I will take off my shoes and put on the slippers when I arrive home. And I get used to drink some soup before having dinner. What's more, I have to keep my room light on until I fall asleep. If I am forced to change anything about this, I will be very uncomfortable. For example, if I don't wear slipper at home, I will be very uncomfortable. If I can't drink soup before dinner, I can't eat anything. And I can't fall asleep if the light is off. This is my living habit. Maybe I will change it one day, but now I can't receive any change about them.

my hobbies的高一英语作文 篇二

I am an ordinary kid, but my hobby a lot. I would say:

Painting is my favorite hobby penis, so my room is filled with many pictures. Desk, the head of a bed, mattress and...

I never regardless of good or not good, always refused to throw it away. When I am not happy, I'll draw out appreciation, unhappy things immediately thrown outside the cloud nine night...

A until Sunday, I will take out your paints, paper, brushes and paint on the tray, then brush on the paper, swing to swing go, in a short time, a picture of "masterpiece" was born. Although is not very good at drawing, but I don't have smiled and her mouth, can be happy.

Hobby is everyone's talent, in the hope that the world's mom and dad don't force their children to do what he don't want to like the whole world is happy!







my hobbies英语作文 篇三

There are a great many hobbies to choose from.Some people enjoy collecting coins or stamps,others choose to spend their time on sports or music.I have many hobbies,but raising flowers and cycling are my favourite.I benefit from them 。raising flowers can edification my sentiment and make a cultivated for me.cycling maintain a mental and physical balance.In my spare time.I often cycling to play.It is especially good for health.It is good exercise.If you go to work by riding a bicycle instead of driving or taking a bus,you can have a better chance of getting enough exercise you need everyday.Bicycling is also good for our environment.I like raising flowers and cycling and I will remain.

英语作文my hobby 篇四

My hobby is lisetening to music.

I like listening to music best.Because listening to music makes me relaxed.When I am tired,I will listening some quiet music,that makes me fall asleep very quickly.My favorite music is the music that has good lyrics can also make me learn Chinese or English well. I love listening to music.I will keep this hobby forever.




my hobbies的高一英语作文 篇五

As an outgoing junior school student, I have many interests, such as watching movies, reading books, searching the Internet, playing computer games, attending various sports. In the spare time, the one thing I like most is watching movies, because it’s very convenient and interesting. Usually, movies tell wonderful stories to us. They are humorous, sad, happy, intricate or thought-provoking. You can get many from a good movie. Besides, my favorite sport is basketball. Every time after I play basketball, I feel relaxed. I focus on the game and I don’t let anything to influence on me. It’s really a wonderful feeling.


my hobbies英语作文 篇六

Everyone has their hobbies.I want to tell you about my hobbies.In my memory,music makes me relaxing,when I am sad or in trouble.I listen to music,too.Some good music can make me feel warm,and I can become happier or more excited with the wonderful music.So music is very important in my life.Another hobby is English.I like English best.It lets me have the sense of achievement when I get good grades.In the past eleven years,I think it’s very important in my future.Expecially for the children and young people.And hobbies are more important for me.They make my daily life wonderful and colorful.By the way,what’s your hobby?

英语作文my hobby 篇七

Hello, everyone, my name is zhang yu.my, 9 years old this year, a pair of watery big eyes, black hair has 2 with thick eyebrows, below the high bridge of the nose below, with small and exquisite mouth, frame, a little white skin, the hair is a little short, but I still can. Like this I am absolutely not beautiful, but my mother always think I look very nice.

I was a little girl was crying and love to laugh. I love to laugh, laugh all the time. On one occasion, I at home watching funny cartoons, I, laughing their heads off laughing tears came out. Mother said: "you smile so, also not afraid to give voice to laugh dumb?" But, I still kept laughing. I love to cry, cry like cattle. On one occasion, my sister beat me, but I didnt cry, after a while, my tears started flowing downwards, crying. The adults rushed to think big has happened.

I have many hobbies, playing the piano, chess, English, reading a book.。. My favorite piano, I play very well. I can play many tunes, "music box", "a little play meimei second movement in D major", "my sun"。.。 A lot of, is a piece of cake for me. I also have a great ideal, want to be a pianist like lang lang performed all over the world, I know it hard to pay, I will persevere.

This is me, a lovely little girl, a girl who love cry and laugh, a little girl, the hobby is widespread, a little girl love to play the piano. Would you like to be my good friend?





my hobbies的高一英语作文 篇八

On weekdays, when I was in school, I play with my classmates. Sometimes I play volleyball, and sometimes I play football with them. I think football is a very interesting and exciting. But when I go home, I like listening to music alone. I also like to read a story book. When I'm not happy, I often draw some pictures though I'm not good at painting. On weekends, there is no class, I like shopping with my friends and my parents.

Hobbies can make you happy, so I like them. I have many hobbies. Do you agree with me?




我的爱好My hobbies英语作文 篇九

different hobbies 。 I have a lot of hobbies like reading books,

watching movies …and so on 。I like reading books because I get lot of knowledge, I find more interesting things, so I like

reading different kinds of books. I also like watching movies 。Ienjoy my free time ,so I usuallywatch movies in my free time 。It's makes me happy 。I thinkwatching movies and reading books are most interesting than any hobbies 。I love life My hobbies make life colorful like Chinese book.

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